The Boy and His Hero

The streets were lined with flags, the sidewalks were swept and the town road was laid out like a red carpet awaiting its yearly duty. Summer was in the air, the sun was shining, white fluffy clouds were perfectly placed in the blue sky and the grass seemed to look greener than usual. Store front … More The Boy and His Hero

Song of Farewell

The days are young. Her vision is clear. And I think to myself the farewell is near. She roams through life without a care. She’ll drift away like the last summer’s air. I once was like her; the road still ahead. Dancing different paths to see where they lead. The breeze brings hope and takes … More Song of Farewell

The Finger Woman

It was lunch time and my four-year old daughter sat eating the remaining peanut butter dip on her plate using her index finger. I sit back and watch her. She swoops up a big glob of peanut butter onto the tip of her finger and looks at it. Then she holds her finger up to me … More The Finger Woman

Casket in the Snow

Frigid winter winds blew over the deep footsteps in the snow. Crunching ice is heard as feet compact the snow under the weight of the wood box. Only four colors can be seen. Black coats standing in the white landscape, embracing red roses against their chests, while a dark Mahogany casket is the heart of … More Casket in the Snow