This Old Camera

It was my mother’s camera. An Olympus 35 mm. It was a brand new model when she got it back in the 70s. She was the picture taker. She captured moments of her youth and mine. Friends, family, hippies playing guitar, Mom and Dad with long hair, summer fun, pregnant bellies and babies playing in … More This Old Camera

Casket in the Snow

Frigid winter winds blew over the deep footsteps in the snow. Crunching ice is heard as feet compact the snow under the weight of the wood box. Only four colors can be seen. Black coats standing in the white landscape, embracing red roses against their chests, while a dark Mahogany casket is the heart of … More Casket in the Snow

Excerpt from the Essay: Choosing the Place with Potential

So, as I stood with my hand on my belly looking at the house with potential, I tried to see the vision my husband was describing. The walls needed paint, the carpet, floors, windows and doors needed to be replaced, and the list went on and on. My husband, skilled in carpentry and home remodeling, … More Excerpt from the Essay: Choosing the Place with Potential

Sailing Away

Just a short essay I wrote yesterday… Sailing Away The salty waves were crashing in; she felt the warm rising sun on her face. She closed her eyes allowing her other senses to absorb the moment: the cool, gritty sand surrounding her feet, the smell of sea water, and the sound of moving water, sea … More Sailing Away

Finding the Other Shoe

A writer’s challenge is coming up with new stuff to write about. In my case I have chosen to write stories and blog about writing. I have spent the past week reading and researching about publishing, literary agents, submissions, copyright, tips and advice and today have been reading other authors’ short stories for fun. I’ll … More Finding the Other Shoe