Song of Farewell

The days are young. Her vision is clear. And I think to myself the farewell is near. She roams through life without a care. She’ll drift away like the last summer’s air. I once was like her; the road still ahead. Dancing different paths to see where they lead. The breeze brings hope and takes … More Song of Farewell

Around My Table

  Around my table there is laughter and love, Homework and recipe notes, Nicks from dropped cups and smudges from sticky fingers. Stories about the day; tall tales from little voices. Arguments too… About the balance of life, miscommunication, disagreements; And forgiveness. Breakfast and coffee. Newspapers and doodles. Lunch and spilled milk. Little hands helping … More Around My Table

What I See in My Son

What I see in my son is the responsibility God has graciously handed me.

Take this young boy and lead him to know and love me.

Raise him to show my love to others.

Build him up to be a good man on this earth.

Teach him to use his hands to build, to help, to hold, to share, to give, to care, and to teach.

His hands that are young, little and delicate now will become strong and calloused as he creates his own story. … More What I See in My Son

A Good Day

A poem… A good day is having time to pick plums from the tree. Make plum dumplings with the children; Eat dumplings late morning. Make apple pie with freshly picked apples; Eat pie in the afternoon. Eat pie again in the evening with your husband; He doesn’t need to know you already ate pie. That … More A Good Day

This Time of Year

I had to exercise my brain today…by writing a poem. ~ THIS TIME OF YEAR ~ Summer evaporates. The warm pavement turns cool. Days of picking apples, instead of relaxing by the pool. Cider replaces lemonade. S’mores change to pie. Out in the garden, the vines begin to die. Kids are dreaming of costumes and … More This Time of Year

A Hundred Kisses

A hundred kisses a day. My sleeping husband’s prickly cheek. Coffee cup to my lips. Forehead of blue eyed daughter. “Time to wake up sweetie.” Coffee cup again. 12 times on the face of brown eyed daughter in response to her sneaking up on me. Once on the lips of blue eyed daughter. “Have a … More A Hundred Kisses