Vase of Dandelions

A vase of dandelions. Who has a vase of dandelions? They speckle the yards. Reminding grown ups its time to cut the grass. The gardener pulls them out, hoping to separate it’s roots from the earth, Never to sprout again. Who has a vase of dandelions? Mother does. The fluffy golden yellow buds brighten the … More Vase of Dandelions

The Finger Woman

It was lunch time and my four-year old daughter sat eating the remaining peanut butter dip on her plate using her index finger. I sit back and watch her. She swoops up a big glob of peanut butter onto the tip of her finger and looks at it. Then she holds her finger up to me … More The Finger Woman

Finding the Other Shoe

A writer’s challenge is coming up with new stuff to write about. In my case I have chosen to write stories and blog about writing. I have spent the past week reading and researching about publishing, literary agents, submissions, copyright, tips and advice and today have been reading other authors’ short stories for fun. I’ll … More Finding the Other Shoe