I See a Little Smile

After you rub your groggy eyes in the morning

I open your curtains to welcome the sun.

You realize a new day has begun.

And someone who loves you is waiting…

To see a little smile.


I watch you run freely;

Independent from me.

I want to join, but I have to let you be.

I still experience your joy

When I see that little smile.


I frustrate you with my rules.

You shake your fists and stomp in protest.

I reassure my love for you despite this test.

You pout and turn away.

I know I will see that little smile again.


You work hard and overcome challenges.

I watch from the sidelines, cheering loud.

Waiting for the moment when your eyes will see mine in the crowd.

Your victories are mine too.

When you give me a little smile.


One day I will watch you smile and drive away with a wave.

Time to let go, but the memories will stay.

Your dad and I will wait for a letter or phone call every day.

We will pray for you always; that you are finding goodness in the world.

Know that anywhere you ever are, near or far, we orchestrate life just in hope

To see that little smile.







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