Song of Farewell

The days are young. Her vision is clear. And I think to myself the farewell is near.

She roams through life without a care. She’ll drift away like the last summer’s air.

I once was like her; the road still ahead. Dancing different paths to see where they lead.

The breeze brings hope and takes away fears. Ready for battle. Smiling through the tears.

Don’t hesitate. Step toward your dream. The scary shadows aren’t as big as they seem.

Listen to me dear, they’ll try to clip your wings. Remember to choose the unseen over material things.

Soar into storms with your Holy sword facing straight. Know that love is superior to anger and hate.

She knows these things from the garden she was raised. Her roots are strong and her foliage has been praised.

I can rest in comfort as I watch her silhouette shrink away. She will return again with tales. This I pray.


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