Two Sentence Story

Find creativity here: Two Sentence Story Challenge Results LyzPetro: She took a small bite of the strangely smelling food on her fork and smiled politely. The different colored people surrounding her watched intently for her reaction. Thank you C.S. Wilde for a fun writing contest!   Advertisements

Around My Table

  Around my table there is laughter and love, Homework and recipe notes, Nicks from dropped cups and smudges from sticky fingers. Stories about the day; tall tales from little voices. Arguments too… About the balance of life, miscommunication, disagreements; And forgiveness. Breakfast and coffee. Newspapers and doodles. Lunch and spilled milk. Little hands helping … More Around My Table

Mother Meets God

“I was a mother,” she says to God. “Why did you take me home so soon?” “I had children who needed me, needed my love and care.” She pleaded. “Don’t worry my child,” replies God. “I am watching over them.” “They will miss me! Won’t they wonder why I left? I don’t want them to … More Mother Meets God