Finding Time…to Write.

I chuckle when I look back at my opening posts about how I would fit time in for writing during my busy days of taking care of the three kids and other household duties. My office desk often sits lonely and untouched, with the morning’s half cup of coffee, six hours cold. Intentions don’t always equate to actual productivity.

7:30 am. Husband loads two of the kids into the car and they are off to school and work. Baby is still asleep. I will tip toe to my computer, with coffee in hand and have at least an hour of good writing. 

Shoot, the water bill sits on my desk, blocking the view of my notebook with all my writing notes. I put it there last night with the purpose of not letting myself forget. I better go online and pay it really quick. 

Okay, now. Shoot, should I take a quick shower before the baby wakes up? Because after he does, I won’t get a chance. Then, I have to pick up my preschooler at 10:30 am and I will look all grungy like I did yesterday. And, I think one of the kids spilled something on me last night, so I probably should shower. 

I’m clean and ready for the day. Awesome, he is still asleep. Tip-toe back to my desk. I write a paragraph. That’s good. I hear the sweet voice of my son upstairs. I will get him out of bed, dressed, and set him up with a bowl of cereal….while I write a few more sentences. “Mama!” he babbles with a smile. Nothing is better than that precious greeting in the morning. While looking for an outfit in his closet I hear him start to fuss about something. “Crap!” Literally. He crapped on the carpet, and stepped and slipped in it. It is all over him and smeared into the tan fibers of his floor. Into the tub, yada yada. A good half hour passes. By the time he is eating breakfast, it is time to leave for an errand and pick up my daughter. 

The day goes on…

It is 4:00 pm right now. Baby is napping and my two daughters are playing outside…in their underwear. Doing something with mud. Probably something that will cause my husband to flip when he pulls in the driveway. But, I can hear their little voices outside and they are playing so nicely. I am not going to interrupt rare moment and I really don’t want to see what they are doing or my plan to write anything today is doomed! By the time the kids are in bed at night, my brain is mush, my eyelids are hanging, and I don’t know what my hair looks like because I am afraid to look in a mirror. Somehow, and lucky for me, my husband still finds me sexy. Or, it could be that his eyelids are hanging too and he can’t really see me clearly. Either way, it works out. Point is, writing after the kids are in bed has not worked well either.

Then, there is the daunting question each time I get my a chance to write: Do I write something on my blog to keep it alive or do I work on my short story?

Hence, the story here is that it is tough as heck to match up the moments of inspiration and momentum of writing, with the actually opportunities I have to sit and write. I am not giving up though. So, blog post done…on to my latest short story!….while he is still napping 🙂


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