Photo Reflection #1

This is the first in a series of Photo Reflections. My photos, my creative reflections. Photo Reflection #1: Summer Innocence I find time in one place, lose it in another. I accomplish some writing. Where did the baby go? Oh, there he is. Chatting with the chickens. Advertisements

A Good Day

A poem… A good day is having time to pick plums from the tree. Make plum dumplings with the children; Eat dumplings late morning. Make apple pie with freshly picked apples; Eat pie in the afternoon. Eat pie again in the evening with your husband; He doesn’t need to know you already ate pie. That … More A Good Day

Excerpt from the Essay: Choosing the Place with Potential

So, as I stood with my hand on my belly looking at the house with potential, I tried to see the vision my husband was describing. The walls needed paint, the carpet, floors, windows and doors needed to be replaced, and the list went on and on. My husband, skilled in carpentry and home remodeling, … More Excerpt from the Essay: Choosing the Place with Potential

This Time of Year

I had to exercise my brain today…by writing a poem. ~ THIS TIME OF YEAR ~ Summer evaporates. The warm pavement turns cool. Days of picking apples, instead of relaxing by the pool. Cider replaces lemonade. S’mores change to pie. Out in the garden, the vines begin to die. Kids are dreaming of costumes and … More This Time of Year